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Foot Care in Diabetes

        Foot problems are common complication in patients with diabetes. Among them, foot ulcers are much feared complications of diabetes and recent studies have suggested that the risk of developing foot ulcer is as high as 25%. Diabetes is one of the commonest reasons for foot amputation.


         By proper foot care, 50-80% of foot problem can be prevented. Controlling blood sugar levels is the most important to reduce the blood vessel and nerve damage that often lead to diabetic foot complications. To avoid serious foot problems that could result in losing a toe, foot or leg, it has been advised to follow these guidelines.

1.   Stop smoking and chewing Tobacco

2.   Avoid activities that can injure the feet like, walking barefoot, using a heating pad or hot water bottle on the feet, and stepping into the bathtub before testing the temperature.

3.   Use care when trimming the nails 

4.   Wash and check the feet daily: Bathe feet in lukewarm, never hot, water.

5.   Apply a moisturizing cream or lotion.

6.   Keep your feet warm and dry.

7.   Choose socks and shoes carefully: Select cotton socks that fit loosely and change the socks every day. Select shoes that are snug but not tight.

8.   Regular foot examination by experts