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The Pratham Endocare & Diabetes Centre is superspeciality clinic for diabetes, thyroid and other hormonal problems, in adult as well as paediatric patients.

The Pratham Endocare & Diabetes Centre is designed to provide Patient Centred Medical care.

It is led by Dr pradip P Dalwadi, who is qualified endocrinologist and expert in field of hormone. The clinic is dedicated to provide continuous and coordinated care throughout a patient lifetime to maximize health outcomes.

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  • Expert consultation on diabetes, thyroid and other hormonal disorders/diseases.
  • Facilities for complete screening of diabetes complication with advance equipment like Bipod vascular Doppler, pedoscan etc.
  • Qualified dietician for diet advice on diabetes, obesity and other hormonal problems.
  • Osteoporosis work up and treatment.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring system.
  • Continuous ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system.
  • Insulin pumps.
  • Expertise to do all endocrine dynamic test for various hormonal problem.
  • Pharmacy.
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